Software- & hardware solutions for data processing, visualisation and optimalisation of energy.

Monitoringsoftware for buildings

Monitoring software for industry

Controlling and optimizing energy

Hardware for data capture

Monitoring software for buildings

Monitoring software for industry

Control & optimalisation

Hardware for data capture

Eniris Insights

Insight into energy consumption and production

Eniris Insights is a white-label software solution for:

  • Installers of energy technologies (solar panels, heat pumps, refrigeration, industrial HVAC) that want an umbrella platform to manage and maintain installations or offer a personalised customer dashboard.
  • Building managers or consultancies who are responsible for the energy management of buildings.
  • Developers of energy solutions such as solar farms, battery systems, ...

Energy data gets captured, visualized, guarded, analyzed and controlled.The platform is brand- and technology independent.

Eniris Insights retrieves the data from energy meters (electricity, gas, heat, water), PLCs, solar panels, charging stations, machines, etc. and where necessary we install modules ourselves.

... en meer integraties!

Data capture

Measurement data can be sent to Eniris Insights in various ways:

  • with MQTT
  • with API
  • with FTP-data (specific integration)

Manage all installations from a single platform

At a glance, you have insight into the most important parameters of buildings, installations, appliances, production lines, ...

  • Consumption data (gas, heat, water, electricity, cold, etc.), production data (e.g. energy, raw materials, etc.) and usage costs.
  • Ratios (e.g. consumption per production).
  • Connectivity of the meters.
  • Error messages.

Alarm management and ticketing

Set alarm thresholds yourself independently of the underlying control systems.

  • Overarching registration and processing.
  • Assigning various priorities.
  • Forwarding alarms by mail or SMS (optional).
  • Integration with your ERP system / digital work orders.
  • Ticketing
Realtime status meetpunten
Alarm configuration

Map display

Detecting problems in the portfolio is particularly easy via the clear map view.

  • Various filters: normal operation, critical alarm, ... 
  • Immediately click through to installation.
Map display with alarm-layer

Configuring widgets

Each dashboard features a simple interface that allows you to: 

  • Activate specific functions of widgets.
  • Activate or deactivate widgets.
  • Measurement points to be selected.
Configuration screen widgets

Your customer portal

Long-term customer loyalty in no time.

  • Simple user management.
  • Access to several buildings or installations from a single portal. 
  • Access to all usage reports or financial analysis 
User management

Multisite benchmarking

Combine several installations or buildings and compare them in one overview.

Multisite benchmarking

All tools to analyze

Whether it is a quick visual check or a detailed comparison, Eniris Insights provides you with the helpful tools.

  • Virtual meters: calculate unmeasured points
  • kWh-max analyses, base load analyses
  • Compare sensors & energy meters
  • Diverse visualisations (heatmap, piecharts, barcharts…)
Visualization virtual meter
Visualization virtual meter.
Year-on-year comparison.

Personalized dashboard

The platform is fully customised according to your corporate identity:

  • White-labeling
  • Your own logos
  • Accessible via your URL
  • Color scheme according to your corporate identity

Reporting for you and your customer

We develop various templates tailored to your needs in which we process consumption or financial data.

  • Consumption reporting
  • Financial reporting
  • Internal of external reports
  • Group reporting (combination of different installations)


Share energy performance with your audience through our infographic controller.

Infographics display usage and production data in a visual matter for (big) screens. Showing real-time performance such as:

  • CO2-reduction
  • Energy saving measurements
  • Actual production

One gateway for all devices

Modbus Gateway

If you wish to collect data from devices that have a serial port, the Eniris Modbus Gateway is ideal for retrieving brand-independent data in a simple way. 

It couldn't be simpler

The Modbus Gateway is plug and play and directly connected to the corresponding portal. There is a DIN rail version for industrial installations.

Brand Independent

The Modbus Gateway is compatible with many devices thanks to the RS422 or RS485/MODBUS interface.

Permanent and temporary measurement campaigns

Complete solution

Eniris offers you a complete solution for energy measurements, water measurements, condition measurements and load balancing between solar energy, electric cars and other devices via the Eniris Insights monitoring portal.


We know that every customer is different. That is why we offer various options for data processing and we have built our platform, Eniris Insights, as flexible as possible to be able to offer tailor-made insight.

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