Monitoring, ticketing, alerting and reporting for solar installations


Solar Monitoring & Management Summit

Gent - 17 Oktober 2023

Met veel enthousiasme nodigen wij u uit voor de allereerste Solar Monitoring & Management Summit op 10 oktober 2023 in Gent. Als voorlopers in solar monitoring, curtailement en solar management, beschouwen we dit evenement als de aftrap van een reeks evenementen georganiseerd door Eniris.

Overarching monitoring
for solar installations

With Eniris Insights you have an umbrella portal for monitoring solar installations, battery systems and energy meters.
Bv. Phoenixtec en andere omvormermerken.
With over 100 integrations, Eniris Insights stands for brand independent monitoringInverters from SMA, Fronius, Solar Edge, Huawei, Enphase, Delta, GoodWe and many others can be connected to the platform and this without additional hardware such as ( e.g. Solar Log or inverter specific loggers). We use the APIs of the underlying platforms for this.

Besides visualization and data storage of measurements, technical, maintenance and financiel analysis' are also available with this platform.
#Phoenixtec monitoring

... en meer integraties!

Manage and guard your installations through a single platform

View the most important performance of all your solar installations.

  • Performance ratio (PR), Yield, Uptime / downtime
  • Number of inverters active / faulty / offline
  • Energy: consumption, production, normalized, simulation
  • Income Rate
  • Irradiation
  • Precipitation & precipitation probability, air pressure, snowfall, temperature, wind direction and speed
  • Voltage, current, cos phi


Acces to realtime temperature, irradiation and production forecasts.

  • For correct calculations of the performance ratio (PR)
  • Consumption forecasts based on temperature forecasts

Your customer portal

Long-term customer loyalty in no time.

  • Easy user management
  • Multi level user management
  • Customer records
  • Access to various measurement systems from one portal 
  • Access to all usage reports or financial analysis 

All installations mapped out

Detecting problems in your portfolio is particularly easy via the clear map view.

  • Various filters: new installations, installations with critical alarms, disconnected installations…
  • Immediately acces your preferred installation.

Grouped view

Combineer diverse installaties en bundel ze op één pagina.

  • Laat notities achter voor uw medewerkers of klant.
  • Visualiseer de effectieve energieproductie geregistreerd door de brutoproductiemeter (BPM)
  • Visualiseer de theoretische energieproductie op basis van meteodata.
  • Het energieverbruik geregistreerd door uw energiemeters

Indispensable analyses

Of het nu een kortstondig visuele check is of een gedetailleerd vergelijk, Eniris Solar levert u de behulpzame tools.

  • Compare sensors, energy meters, inverters, strings, ...
  • Diverse visualisations (heatmap, piecharts, barcharts…)

Alarm management and ticketing

Set alarm thresholds yourself independently of the underlying control systems.

  • Overkoepelende registratie & verwerking.
  • Toekennen van diverse prioriteiten per alarm.
  • Alarmen doorsturen per mail, popup (optie) of SMS (optie)
  • Integration with your ERP system / digital work orders.
  • Ticketing binnen Eniris Solar

Gross production meter

Reading data of the GPM.

Details of string, optimizer or (micro) inverters

Details of string, optimizer or (micro) inverters. The following devices are able to be monitored as well:

  • Pyranometers
  • Battery system
  • Anti-injection system
  • Gross production meter
  • Sustainable energy meter
  • Heatpumps
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Energy meters

Personalized dashboard

The platform completely according to your corporate identity and part of your ecosystem.

  • Your own logos
  • Accessible via your URL
  • Color scheme according to your corporate identity

Reporting for you and
your customer

We develop various templates:

  • Usage reports
  • Production reports
  • Financial reporting
  • Internal of external reports
  • Group reporting (combination of different installations)


Share energy performance with your audience through our infographic controller.

For large displays

Infographics display usage and production data in a visual matter for (big) screens. Showing real-time performance such as:

  • CO2-reduction
  • Energy saving measurements
  • Actual production

Centralise everything in no time

Start quickly with a minimum of input. We only require a guest account from the portals of the inverters you wish to monitor or FTP credentials.

The Solar Gateway

A single gateway for all inverters

Met Eniris Solar kunt u omvormers inlezen zonder extra hardware indien deze op een platform zijn aangesloten (b.v. Sunny Portal). Via de achterliggende API halen wij de data & alarmen op.

If inverters don't posses an online platform or functionality for data export, reading out data can be made possible using the Eniris Solar Gateway.

Brand Independent

The Solar Gateway is compatible with many devices thanks to the RS422 or RS232 MODBUS interface.

It couldn't be simpler

The Solar Gateway is plug-and-play and instantly connected to the right portal. For industrial installations there's a DIN-rail version.

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